I am sure there are plenty of people that can relate to their weight being a constant battle as has been my life story.
I have tried so many different ways to lose weight and I always have some success (with significant struggle) but then the weight seems to sneak back on.
I have been very vigilant with my weight after losing 17kgs over 2 years ago as I didn’t want to enter my 50’s carrying all that excess. Over the past 12 months the weight has been ever so slowly creeping back on, so before it became an enormous problem it was time to get things back on track.
So in September I started a diet that is based on eating style and bought myself a watch that would count my steps. I needed to walk each day and was averaging around 6,000. I was drinking more than 2 litres of water every single day and avoiding fried foods, bread, pasta and rice.
My weight was slowly going down, from September to December I lost 3kgs and I was very happy with that. What is really exciting , is my weight is not bouncing up and down.
Then after Christmas I was told about Skinny Drops and added them to my weight loss regime. This is when I started to notice an almost immediate difference. My weight began to shift losing 2 kgs in one month and 10cm overall from my body measurements. Following the same regime I was following before.
Other things I noticed were the drops seemed to kerb my appetite and I seriously didn’t want to choose any foods apart from healthy choices.
I love the success I am having with my new lifestyle eating plan especially how Skinny Drops has enhanced my results. My goal weight had started to look out of touch until I introduced Skinny Drops so now I am back on track looking forward to enjoying life at my ideal weight !